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Having debt problems can affect your way of life. Your credit card bills have added up, and you do not know where to turn. Unfortunately, your credit has taken a turn for the worse. You need a way to get back on your feet, so you consider a personal loan. However, with your bad credit, it is hard to find a personal loan. There are companies that specialize in bad credit personal loans. Some of the best bad credit personal loans include:

  1. Lending Point: You can apply for a personal loan up to $20000. The payment length is from 24-36 months, and the interest rate can be from 17% to 35%. You can be approved within 24 hours, and it takes into account more than just your credit score, but you usually need 600. There will be an origination fee. You can check your rate without affecting your credit score. When applying, you will need to state your annual income and employer information.
  1. Mariner Finance: The minimum score to apply with this company is 600, and the beginning APR stands at 24%. You need an annual income of above $35000, and you need an established credit history. It is not available in all states. You will be approved or denied by a loan officer, not a computer. Therefore, you can explain your bad credit score. You can also have a co-signer that will increase your chances of approval.
  1. OneMain: This is a popular loan for people with bad credit. You can get a loan anywhere from $1500-$10000. The APR could be from 25%-36%. You can apply online or in person. You could get approved for this loan even if you have a credit score below 600.
  1. OppLoans: Opp loans offers loans wo people with very low credit, and applying does not affect your credit score. The application process is strictly done online. The interest rate can be pretty high with this company. You could pay up to 199% APR. The term ranges from 6 to 36 months. Loans are up to $10000.
  1. Net Credit: Borrowers will credit scores below 550 could qualify for this loan. The downside to this lender is that the interest rates are very high. However, with bad credit, the rates are going to be higher. It is a good idea to pay off the loan as quickly as possible.

With personal loans for bad credit, you will have the opportunity to improve your credit and get back on track. Research your options online to see what bad credit loans are available. You might consider a government loan t You can then choose the right loan for you, and you can look to a brighter financial future.